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Are You An AIER Member? Join AIERwave!

Welcome to AIERwave, the American Institute for Economic Research's exclusive, member's-only, online community.  Access to this community is included in all membership levels... so join today!
Consider these exciting features:
  • Have you ever read an AIER study, and wished you had someone to discuss it with?  Now, you can engage our researchers directly! They would love to hear your questions and feedback on major research and regular publications.

  • Have you ever wanted to share a news article with others? Now, you can easily share articles directly from the Internet into the community and learn how others feel about it. You can even poll other AIER members for their opinions.

  • Do you wish you had more economic/financial background on broad subjects such as Housing, Retirement, or Immigration? Now you can participate in AIERwave's Topic of the Month series, where the whole community dissects and explores such topics, and builds a foundation of knowledge together.
If you are interested in joining AIER and gaining access to this community, please click the following link. Memberships start as low as $50 per year.