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    I suggest AIER take a closer look at the practice of graphing data, as presented in AIER publications. Two points to make here: user-friendliness and accuracy in communication. This discussion references the February 2017 edition of Business Conditions Monthly (vol 4 issue 2).

    User-friendliness. The quintessential graph is self-explanatory. Tha...
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    A variation on the student loan theme would be to ask what sort of student a bank would lend to if there were no government involvement, guarantee, or other sort of support. One might think that lending to an apparently emotionally stable, debt-free, dean’s list, computer science student  needing, say, $15,000 to complete the final semester would look l...
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    That's assuming that the ETF managers don't sell more ETFs than they have assets (or close to a reasonable calculation of same).  Although I've seen the inspection statistics behind the two largest gold ETFs, there is some worry out there that too many shares have been sold relative to the underlying assets in hand.  All of this would make a fascinating re...
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    In recent months I've seen several articles on the student debt crisis.  This is indeed a crisis, and our government is greatly contributing to this massive fiscal irresponsibility - the debt will not be collected and it's the unsuspecting tax payer who gets stuck with the bill, while the politicians get re-elected with votes from those who benefitted....
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    ​Here's my Keynesian response:

    ​In the short run, we generate more economic activity fixing the dam.  All of the currency will be spent on the project.  If we give the currency to the illegal aliens, a small amount will be saved and a much larger chunk will be sent back to their home countries to support relatives, so not all of the funds will be spent in...

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