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    With the consumer being the engine of the slow but steady economic expansion, some new data from the Federal Reserve Board suggests that engine can continue motoring along.Household balance sheets are benefitting from increasing asset values. Total assets for households increased by $1.2 trillion to $103.8 trillion in the second quarter of 2016, ac...
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    The Census Bureau recently reported calculations for 2015 real median household income, and the number was up over 5% from 2014, jumping from $53,718 to $56,516. However, even this number is only up to pre-recession levels: real median income (in 2015 dollars) was over $55,000 every year from 1998-2008 and never from 2009-14.
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    I would like to commend AIER for the provocative section on Policy in this BCM re: Corporate inversions.  I see three basic issues.  First, it appears that many policy makers (PMs) lack understanding about how businesses make decisions regarding their tax burdens.  Second, it appears that the idea that lowering tax rates can boost tax revenues is too co...
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    Reports from the Commerce Department and from the Federal Reserve that are out today suggest August may have been a very slow month for the economy. The Commerce Department released Retail Sales estimates for August while the Fed released estimates of industrial output for the same period. Retail Sales fell 0.3 percent. Declines were fairly widesprea...
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    This is wonderful. AIER should be so proud of their highly successful program!

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