Community Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to ensure that AIERwave is an enjoyable, beneficial and collaborative learning community for all our members.  They boil down to common sense, basic courtesy, respect, and inquisitiveness. 

We encourage open, authentic discussion and hope that you will share your questions, opinions and experiences about all matters financial and economic.  We invite members to participate in multiple ways: 

  • - Start new topics and reply to existing posts in the discussion forums.
  • - Use the “Share to AIERwave” tool to pull in articles (or other web-based items) of interest.  This is a great and easy way to spark conversation!
  • - Participate in groups.
  • Ask AIER researchers to answer questions or give thoughts on a topic.  Provide as little or much context as you like.
  • - Share resources: attach files to discussion posts, or upload them directly to the resources page.
  • - Promote camaraderie: fill in your profile information and upload a photo, welcome new members to the community, friend other members, and give profile comments generously!


Community Dos and Don'ts

By participating AIERwave, you are agreeing to comply with our guidelines, outlined below.


  • - Advance learning by regularly sharing your questions, thoughts and experiences in the discussion forums.  Please know that posts do not need to be “polished” or supported by research – we’re most interested in hearing all AIER-appropriate thoughts, prompts, ideas or questions at any stage of development!
  • - Be sincere in your contributions.  Post with a purpose - to engage, spark discussion, and share information with fellow AIER members and researchers.
  • - Respect that other people have different points of view, styles and experiences.  Use this diversity to deepen thoughtful discussions.
  • - Welcome newcomers! We love it when another member joins AIERwave and participates.  When a new member arrives, you will see “(Username) has joined the site” in the Recent Activity stream.
  • - Give feedback to your fellow members, and us, in a helpful and constructive manner.  We always look forward to members’ feedback and ideas about AIER and AIERwave.
  • - Lead by example. Feel comfortable being very social – this is your place to interact with AIER members, researchers, and staff!  Use all the community tools available to you to promote robust discussion.
  • - Report problems by using the flag function to alert us to problem content or members.

Post content that contains any of the following:
  • - derisive political commentary
  • - profanity
  • - spam
  • - rudeness
  • - advertisements
  • - personal attacks
  • - promotion of violence, illegal or questionable activities

As we want AIERwave to be an enjoyable and informative place for everyone involved, we reserve the right to delete posts that do not comply with this policy and block users who repeatedly violate it.

Do you see a flagrant post?
If you see a discussion post or comment that is offensive or upsetting, please flag the post by clicking the small flag icon below the discussion. A box will appear for you to describe why the post is objectionable or offensive. Click submit and a Community Manager will be notified. Objectionable content will be reviewed within 48 hours of submittal.